Friday, August 4, 2023

Improv Update - Combining

Spent more sew time recently on my improv quilt, shifting my focus from creating new units to rearranging and adding space to the units I've already sewn. (See May and July update.)

I work on this quilt once every week or so and it lives on my design wall in between sessions.  Here were the first set of evolutions of the piece as units were created and added. When I posted about the quilt in mid-July, several people commented that they saw a cat in the collection of blocks (last photo)

My favorite part about that last arrangement was the upper left corner and the plan was to leave that in place and rearrange the rest. Here are a bunch of different layouts from the exact same set of blocks, all retaining that upper left corner that I really liked.

After letting the blocks sit on my design wall, I was back playing in late July. As I combined parts, the drastic rearranging was underway! My goal here was to add white space into the design and to play around with really different arrangements.
And now I'm here....

The top two-thirds is all attached together and the bottom third is in three pieces. There is a random block pinned in the upper right corner that isn't (yet) part of the piece.

I think the right side is essentially done but I'm thinking about adding some little bits to the left side.

Snapping and sharing pictures of progress has been great fun for me!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. I really enjoy seeing progress photos like this! Your design is truly an evolution, and still the outcome isn't certain. One of the things I learned from Irene Roderick, in her workshop, is to not "see" anything in a quilt design, especially someone else's. And if we do see something, we should keep our remarks to ourselves. That's because we could unwittingly influence the creator's design, either in a positive or negative way. So I'll always work hard to keep my thoughts to myself. What I will say is that I can sure see that you're creating something marvelous! Keep having fun!

  2. It's really lovely to get to see the process and how the elements relate to one another so differently in all the iterations. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with this one!

  3. The progress you are making is great. Look forward to seeing the finish in the near future. Take care & hugs.

  4. I've loved watching the development of this. I do still like that upper left corner intact, but seeing more white space is great! Keep going, I'm loving this process!


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