Monday, August 7, 2023


My quilt Echo is done!

Echo is inspired by a flowsnake fractal design and was created initially for the Pantone challenge using the color magenta. A ruler foot was used for the quilting and if you look carefully, the angle of the straight lines is different in the magenta colorway versus the light pink. See a close up of the quilting.

The quilt is faced and I used the tutorial from @cottonandburbon and was very pleased with the results.

A sunflower field in Raleigh is an annual event. There were a lot of people taking photos in this field of sunflowers but I was the only one there taking a quilt photo!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Congratulations on the finish! I have used Audrey's facing tutorial in the past as well and was happy with how well it worked. The sunflower field is a great location for the quilt photoshoot; did anyone ask about the quilt? Congratulations on a stunning finish!

  2. "Flowsnake fractal design" is interesting terminology. I've never heard the word "flowsnake" (I keep wanting to type "snowflake"), but it means what it says, right? I think I used a flowsnake pattern to arrange the blocks on my temperature quilt, laying them out in columns from north to south, and then south to north, repeatedly. Anyway, I love this creative fractal design, and especially the way you quilted it. I can sure understand why it took so long to quilt that way. But as you and I know, such time put into quilting really pays off in the end. This is gorgeous! And lucky you to live near such a pretty field of sunflowers. I'm guessing, that since you live so close to Raleigh, you won't need hotel reservations for QuiltCon. How nice for you. More money to spend on vendors!

  3. Absolutely love it and what a great spot for a photo shoot. Well done. Take care & hugs from down under.

  4. Love the picture in the field!

  5. This is a stunning quilt; the quilting direction changes by color really gives it depth. Amazing what one can do with "just" two colors.

  6. The perfect setting for your 'finished' photoshoot! Well done on an amazing design and brilliant quilting :-)


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