Thursday, July 27, 2023

Fabric Challenge Update

I've finished the machine quilting on my entry for the QuiltCon fabric challenge! I chose the Windham Artisan Cotton in Aqua/Blue, Red/Royal, and Apple Green/Chartreuse and think they look really amazing together. Started back in June (see that post), the piecing went together quite quickly. After much debate, I settled on a quilting plan that complimented the quilt design instead of just straight lines.

This meant making templates and burying lots and lots of threads but I am really pleased with how it is looking! This is the first time I've attempted something this complex and it has been quite fun.

With the machine quilting done, I've moved on to the hand-quilting and am greatly enjoying the process.

For thread colors, I choose colors that were available in both the 50 and 12 weights. The colors are  1231 (chartreuse), 2545 (purple), and 2815 (blue). The chartreuse is the best match. (And it is really hard to photograph these colors accurately.)

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. It's looking fantastic to me! Enjoy the hand quilting process.

  2. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt & how it does at Quilt Con. Have a lovely weekend, take care & hugs.

  3. Wow that green is a great match, and looking at the other two, they aren't bad, either. Good luck at QuiltCon. I've only been able to go to one, and never make anything modern that's entry worthy, but I love following my blog friends in their adventures with entries!

  4. Looks like you went with a great color combo! So glad the QC challenge fabric colors were good ones this year. Love seeing that you're going with machine and hand quilting, which you know I am immensely fond of doing myself. Your colors just look yummy together! I'm looking forward to seeing the post when you share "finished" pictures.

  5. This is so inspiring! Looking forward to seeing it completed. Sounds like a great time creating.


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