Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Magenta Fractal Update

I entered my Magenta Fractal quilt into the Pantone "just the top" challenge. I basted the top, outlined the piecing 1/8" from seam with coordinating color thread. I also quilted in some ghost of where the piecing could have continued into the bottom of the quilt top. After that, the quilt was put in time-out while I thought about the quilting.

After much consideration, I decided on straight lines within the piecing in coordinating thread following the angle of the piecing itself. At first, I started with my walking foot which looked great but left behind a gazillion threads to bury. Switching to a ruler foot gives is quicker and eliminates the need to burying a lot of threads - there are some but not nearly so much.

All the magenta is done and now I am close to the finishing the light pink. After that, I will be moving on to the ghosted light pink in likely the lighter thread color. 

I am really looking forward to the quilting being down so I can move onto other projects. I really enjoy the look of a quilt which is heavily quilted and I'm glad I chose that for this quilt although it is taking a longggggggggg time!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Ruler foot quilting sounds like the right compromise for sure. It's looking good and I hope you have fun finishing it up.

  2. Oh are industrious! It's going to look great. Enjoy finishing & we look forward to see it done & a "hero" photo shot. Take care & hugs.

  3. You have SO MUCH patience!!! There's no way I'd ever stick with the quilting like that. It's definitely a prize winner though.

  4. Amazing! Looking forward to the ta-da moment at the end.

  5. Ah yes. The negative side of dense domestic machine quilting - the time it takes. And thread used too, I'd guess. I have never done dense quilting myself, so I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy doing it. Certainly the effect is lovely, as in your piece. Those dense stitches really bring attention to the fractal shapes. I'm taking a virtual Matchstick Quilting workshop with Cassandra on June 17 (finally, after two years of not getting into her workshop at QuiltCon), so I anticipate having the know-how to properly do it. Though mostly the reason I haven't yet tried it is that my quilts are too large for such dense quilting. I can't imagine the weight of a large quilt that's been quilted densely. How stiff would it be? Could it even be used?


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