Thursday, January 6, 2022

Wrapping Up Holiday Gifts

Christmas decorations are down and packed away - it was a lovely holiday!  I really enjoy gifting family a small handmade gift each year and wanted to share this year's makes.

For my youngest, I used the large size of the Noodlehead open wide bag tutorial to turn two drawings made in elementary school into a bag.  (I purchased the printed fabric way, way back during an elementary school fundraiser.)

My husband runs trails in a wonderful park each morning and talks often about this beaver family he sees most days.  He loved his gift!  I found the pattern on Etsy.  This is the 8" size block.  I filled the mini with batting so that it could serve as a trivet to protect a table top.

For my middle one, I printed some favorite photos (years ago) via Spoonflower.  I found them while doing some organizing so turned them into a pillow.

For my son, I made a quilt Always Right.  You can read more about it here.

And finally, for one of my sisters I made a bag used some cork - this is very fun to make!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Love the Always Right quilt! I'll bet your son does, too!

  2. Did you find the cork hard to work with, and did you need a special needle. I would love to try and make one with it sometime. Yours looks great.

  3. What great gifts. I have to say I love the fabric you used for that beaver's claws! Too perfect.

  4. It's so fun to make personalized gifts like these, isn't it? Very satisfying. And each one is perfect. I especially like your hub's beaver trivet. As for cork... I won a large piece in a giveaway and have yet to use it, probably because it's shot with gold metallic, which I don't care for. Still, I like the cork zipper bag you made, and realize I could use my cork for gifts. Thanks for inspiration!


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