Monday, August 30, 2021

MQG Community Challenge Quilt

Each year my local quilt - Triangle MQG - participates in the QuiltCon Community Quilt challenge.  We enjoy working together and seeing the quilt hang at QuiltCon.

The challenge for 2022 is angles and the color palette was bright and cheery.  Our quilt committee designed a quilt that uses blocks of different sizes and gave us each specific fabric to work with and assignments on how many blocks to make.  I was assigned Fig Tree Olive and Boysenberry - both Moda Bella solids.  

I started off by making a bunch of 3 1/2'' squares and 3 1/2'' x 6 1/2'' rectangles, each with some unique shapes.  The blocks were FPP although there are a few that I ignored the printed line but just used the paper as a foundation to sew together my scraps.

Once these were all created, I played with different combinations looking to see what effect I could make when the smaller pieces were combined.

Here are four 6" blocks rotated slightly differently each time to see what kind of fun angles were created.  Isn't that fun?

(I clearly took my progress photos at different times of the day with all different lighting!  The top photo seems the best true to color.)

This is where I ended up for the 12" block.

And then my 6" blocks.

Aren't these fun? 

I can't wait to see how this quilt will come together and I'll make sure to share the final quilt here.   The quilt top needs to be at least assembled and photographed before the end of October to enter into QuiltCon.  We've then got until the end of the year to finish the quilt, update our photo and get it ready to be mailed.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Very fun! I definitely look forward to seeing how the quilt comes together.

  2. It's been fun to see what different chapters are doing. Yours definitely has an improv flavor. Our chapter, Central Florida MQG is using a simple block and asking members to insert "sticks" into them. South Florida MQG has a FPP design that makes one think of - appropriately - palm fronds. I'll look forward to seeing your chapter's piece, and all of them hanging at QuiltCon.

  3. Oh, this is fun, and completely different from what my guild is doing! Love seeing all of them!


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