Sunday, May 22, 2016

Class of 2016

Class of 2016

An open letter to my daughter as she graduates today from high school.


Thursday was your very last day of high school.  Yearbooks were signed, computers were collected and you practiced for the graduation ceremony that happens later today.
But just as there is a last day of school, there was a first day of school.
You were eager to start kindergarten.  You were no stranger to the elementary school. Tagging along every day as your dad walked your brother and sister to and from school, it was a very familiar place.  When the big day finally game, you were so happy to put on your backpack which was almost as big as you were.  You walked down that hallway on your first day and never looked back.
You were ready.

Between that day and this day, you have accomplished so much. 
You've been a warm, compassionate and loyal friend, always the one to step in to help, to comfort and to just listen. 
You've been a cheerleader for your both your brother and sister.  For your sister, you have been the head of her fan club.  You'll jump to her side in any discussion, hug her when she needs a hug (or when you do) and cry tears for her when she is upset.  
You've become your own person.  Someone who loves to write, hands constantly hovering above the keyboard as your fingers type out the next in a long line of stories.   Someone who loves all different forms of dance.  (It is so very special to see you dance and tap across the stage.)  Someone who rarely leaves the house without a book in hand just in case you can find a moment to read.
I've so much enjoyed the chance to spend more time with you during this last year, driving you home from school and listening to your stories about your day or your stories about your stories.
I know you are ready to graduate and head of to college in the fall.  (Hopefully I'll be ready for you to leave.) 
I know that I've never been more proud of you that I am today.  That is, of course, until tomorrow when my love for you will grow yet again as will my pride.  How did I get so lucky to be your mom?

I love you.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Ahh, so sweet. Congratulations to your daughter, as well as you and your extended family. A great milestone in life. I also love the photo of her back when she started kindergarten and hope you can get a similar photo, this Fall, as she heads off to college.



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