Harvest QAL

This beautiful wall hanging will finish at 31 x 31".   The blocks will be made over a several week period as part of the quilt along.

Instructions available for free until October 15.


Parade of finishes - October 30!!!   Email your photos (or links to photos) to elmstreetquilts at gmail.com


  1. Cutting instructions for pumpkins in Week 2 were incorrect. They should be cut at 4½ x 5½''.  Pattern was corrected and republished on Craftsy.
  2. First step in Churn Dash instructions said to use eight (8) of unit A.  You actually need ten (10) of unit A.   (Corrected on Craftsy 9/29)
  3. Photo on top of column two for assembling a leaf block was incorrect.  (Corrected on Craftsy 9/29.)
  4. Measurements of unit T for Leaf block was incorrect.  It should read 1½ x 6½''.  (Corrected on Craftsy 9/29.)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun count me in

  2. Love the design.Count me.I have seven FQ!

  3. Just stubbled on your site! Wish I would have found it sooner to take part on the challenge!


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