Monday, July 8, 2024

Happy July - 2024 goal check-in

Happy July! Didn't see fireworks this year but we did enjoy some ice cream sundaes at a friends house on the 4th - so yummy.

With the year half over, I decided to check in with my goals for 2024 and join Yvonne's planning party. I'm making good progress against most of these goals. See my 2024 goal post here.

Starting with my making and creativity related goals:
  • From my making perspective, I am working on two quilts for QuiltCon submission - one was my Pantone challenge quilt Peachy Keen. About half of the quilting is done and it has been sitting in 'time out' while I decide how I want to add some hand quilting. (Goal: Make at least one quilt to submit to QuiltCon 2025)

  • I've a lot of fabric in stash that could be put to good use as donation quilts for my guilds charity. This small quilt is finished and I've got two donation quilts underway right now, all from stash. My HST quilt and the Seattle BOM quilt. Next up for the HST quilt is to pull together backing and binding so it can get quilted. Feeling good about being on a path to exceed this goal. (Goal: Donate at least one quilt to our guild charity using only fabric from stash.)

  • Important to me is a goal to just play. I am working with large curves in one of my (fingers-crossed) QuiltCon submissions. Plus I made a mini improv quilt (not yet blogged out) and started a 2 color improv. I hope to focus more on the play aspect for the second part of the year and I still want to tackle some garment sewing. I also made this bag just to get a complete before tacking other projects (Goal: Play! Lots of ideas for this - explore new color combinations, start two color improv, experiment with large curves, make more mini quilts, and give garment sewing a try.)

Then my general well being goals:
  • I've been postponing a big fabric clear out but still hoping to get to it this summer. (Goal: Adopt the 'container' concept in my sewing room and donate or sell fabric I no longer want.)
  • Blogging is important for me to record what I am working on and I've continued to blog at least once weekly. It is really helpful to have a record of when projects were started and finished. For my newsletter, I started including some book recommendations since reading daily is something I continue to prioritize and enjoy. (Goal: Blog 1-2 times weekly plus I want to revamp my monthly newsletter & I intend to continue to make reading a part of my day.
  • Perhaps my most important achievement is that I started taking twice weekly sessions with a trainer to improve my overall strength and balance. I really enjoy how these sessions make me feel. (Goal: I hope to add weekly strength training to my daily walking or swimming exercise.)

In addition to those mentioned above, I've got a number of WIPs that I do hope to give some attention to:
  • I'm working on a quilt for an upcoming Fat Quarter Shop pattern release. The quilt top is done but I've got to get backing together and get it quilted. (This will also be a donation quilt.) Pattern releases in August so I can't share until then.
  • The Local pattern is something I working on with a group of friends. I've finished 5 houses and much of 6 and 7 but I'm thinking of just making a small mini with four houses. 

Lots accomplished so far and (hopefully) more fun and creativity ahead!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

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  1. Wow, you are making great progress indeed. I hope that you continue to find a lot of pleasure and joy as you work on the quilts and goals throughout the rest of the year. And I look forward to seeing these large curves! :)


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