Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Handmade Gifts for the Win!

I enjoy making gifts for family every year and felt really good about my gifts this year. My son got handmade stockings for him and his partner.

My husband runs each morning on trails through a park and reports each day on what animal crossed his path. Often the tales are about an owl sighting - he starts his runs before dawn every day. 

This owl was FPP and I had just enough scraps to pull it off in this fabric. Pattern was purchased from this Etsy shop.

My youngest is an animal lover and enjoys seeing turtles sunning themselves when they go biking so I made a softie!

This was a fun sew - I had the most trouble getting the eyes right but I think it worked at the end!

There are a bunch of turtle tutorials on YouTube (who knew?) and I used this one and the free pattern that came with it. Instead of snaps, I had stitched the shell around the turtle body. 

Lucky for me, they have also discovered the joy of handmade giving. I'm so very excited by these crochet softies! The top row is a Silly Goose (in a sweater) made for my middle daughter and a pickle ball paddle and ball for me! (I love playing pickle ball.) In the bottom row is a squirrel with a sweater marked #1 Nemesis for my husband - we had squirrels take the ripe tomatoes from our garden. Finally, Snoopy is for me. 

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. How fun! It's such a good feeling to be able to personalize gifts for everyone - including yourself! That FPPed owl is great! Will your hubs hang it in an office? Hope he finds a place to admire it regularly. Cute turtle too. And those crocheted softies are wonderful. Can't imagine following patterns to make each of them. You are multi-talented, and have done a great job. I bet you snuggle your own Snoopy!

    Also, have you noticed that Blogger is acting up terribly! For about two months now, after tapping "PUBLISH," I often get the message: "Failed to publish comment. Please try again later." Sheesh. I've learned that each time I must make a copy, just in case. Ergh. Darned Blogger. (Maybe this is why you have no other comments?)

  2. Handmade gifts for the win indeed! Looks like a lot of love stitched and shared. :)


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