Monday, September 18, 2023


Sometimes you need step aside from making big quilts and do a simple project. 

My pincushion is filled with crushed walnuts. Our guild had a pincushion exchange - which I didn't sign up for - but there were some extra crushed walnuts left over. Filling a pincushion with crushed walnuts is quite tedious but I am happy with the result.

This pincushion is about 4.5" wide and sits right next to my machine. The inspiration came from this tutorial. 

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. It looks like a handy item to sit next to your machine!

  2. Very nice! I have a round one somewhat similar to this. It's all one fabric though, and the "divisions" are strings (or perle cotton) tied around it. I love a pin cushion that's filled with walnut shells. The cusions has more heft and substance. Curious... what kinds of pins are you using these days? I still use very old flower head pins, but I've seen some snazzy ones lately - they're fine, with a straight bit of aqua plastic toward the top. Have you seen those?


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