Monday, November 22, 2021

St Gregory's Cross Block

Fat Quarter Shop asked me and several bloggers to make a version of the St Gregory's Cross Block!  You can download a free block pattern here from Fat Quarter Shop and check out photos of other block versions today on their blog.  (In January, Fat Quarter Shop will be sharing all the photos from us but we were encouraged to share out blocks now.)

To construct the block, I used the Creative Grids 6" Flying Geese ruler!

I love making the flying geese block and typically make geese using the 4 at a time method and trim to size afterwards.  With this ruler, you cut out the center goose triangle and then the wings separately. 

The ruler gives you the opportunity to make geese 6" high down to as 1/2" finished.  The ruler was easy to use but I found maintaining cutting accuracy was difficult when I start making smaller geese using the ruler for another project.

Once assembled, this geese still needed trimming primarily to get rid of any dog ears.

The instructions for this block show construction slightly different than the way I approached it.  Since I had a tool to help me make flying geese, I constructed as much of the block using flying geese as possible.  Hour glass block needed in the center?  Two flying geese it is!

I do like this block and think it would create a great pattern across a quilt.  Fat Quarter Shop is offering a kit to make a St. Gregory's Cross & Hourglass Quilt Kit - check it out!  You can also order just the pattern to make the quilt or just the instructions block.  

Have you tried the Creative Grids Flying Geese ruler yet?

Have a wonderful day! Patty

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  1. Love this block and your lovely choice of fabrics. I've not used that creative grids ruler.


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