Friday, May 21, 2021

Book Review - Design Make Quilt Modern and Boro & Sashiko

I've been enjoying flipping through two new books and learning more about design and stitching   (Note these books were supplied to me by C&T Publishing.  The opinions are my own.)

First up is Design Make Quilt Modern by Heather Black (affiliate link).  I've been a major fan of Heather's for a long time and I was excited to look through her book.  It is amazing!

The book contains 4 projects with all the information you need to make these wonderful quilts.  For me, the best part is Heather's perspective on modern design.  The book covers a broad range of design insights including creating balance, choosing colors and quilting design.  I really liked the discussion on techniques and styles and taking inventory of my own skills as a quilter.    

The chapter on Design Basics for Modern Quilts is my favorite.  I've read it through once and know that I will do so many times in the future.  So much information packed into those pages!   I would highly recommend Design Make Quilt Modern by Heather Black.   

The second book is Boro & Sashiko Harmonious Imperfection by Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby, the Shibaguyz (affiliate link) . This book also has a number of projects more interesting to me - love the toolkit rollup.   Perhaps even more exciting is the historical context and, of course, the glossary of stitch designs.

Examples of vi
sible mending has been showing up in my Instagram stream for awhile.  Modern day visible mending has its roots in sashiko (a style of stitching from Japan) and boro (patching clothing with a patch held in place with sashiko stitches.)  I've been wanting to learn more about visible mending and I look forward to reading through 
Boro & Sashiko Harmonious Imperfection to learn more.

Thanks C&T Publishing for sending these books my way!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

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  1. How nice that you have the opportunity to review these good books! Heather's work is always identifiable, isn't it? Colorful, graphic, and modern. Just what we love! I hope you get a chance to try visible mending. I haven't done it yet, but I doubt I will. Wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses all the time - rarely blue jeans - doesn't give much opportunity for "mending." When you try it, do share!


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