Monday, August 17, 2020

100 Day Project 2020

For my first 100 day project in 2018, I made hexigons and sewed them into a pillow.  For my 2nd in 2019, I hand pieced drunkard's path blocks.

Sticking with the hand work theme, I choose to do 100 days of hand quilting for 2020.

I chose Essex linen for the quilt top and used 8wt thread for the quilting.  The grid was created by sewing a 1 1/2'' grid over the linen fabric to frame out the daily areas to quilt.   Each day, I'd pull up the stitches between two of those squares and quilting in the 1 1/2 '' x 3'' rectangle.

To add a little fun, I decided on ten simple stitch combinations and used a roll of the dice to assign that day's pattern.  Double sixes gave me free choice and if I rolled the same as the previous day, I rolled again.  

I had fun trying something different each time I rolled a combo - there are a lot of ways you can combine an 'x' and a dash!

Just for kicks, I kept a tally of which pattern was chosen each day.  I only rolled a double 6 twice and choose a circle each time.  The circle was both the quickest pattern to stitch and one of my favorites.

I kept myself a bit restricted by always choosing a rectangle which bordered an area previously stitched.  I gave myself the freedom to use whatever thread color I wanted.

The back is fun to look at (but hard to get a good photo of!)  Most of the time, I did a good job burying the knots but there are still some knots on the surface that will just live there.

It took awhile to decide on binding color and I finally chose with 2 fabric colors that were really good matches to thread colors used in the quilting.  I had fun adding some extra stitching to the binding to better tie things together.   (There are several tutorials on flange binding that I considered - this is the one I used.)

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Oooh, thanks for sharing the frequency of the numbers that you rolled. I'm glad to see that over the 100 days you got to use every combination. The extra hand stitching on the flange binding is a lovely finishing touch!

  2. It's so fun to see how your 100 Day project turned out! I love the combination of different stitches and how you decided on them. I used to play a dice game with my 5th grade students that reminds of your graph. We numbered the graph 2 - 12, and they predicted what I would roll by marking an X on the graph, 20 X's for 20 rolls. The graph usually ended up looking very similar to yours, but they didn't know it would do that until they had played the game once. Then they got much better at predicting! Anyway, neat to see your finish, Patty!

  3. Such a great project. I love that you keep doing handwork and that each year you do something different. Its a beautiful piece!

  4. Oh what a cute fun project that you did--!!
    great finish--
    luv, di stay safe

  5. I love how this turned out! The story just makes it better.

  6. Thanks for sharing all the details! I love ❤️ this project! Well done!

  7. I really love this! The embroidery is so fun and I love that you assigned different designs a number and used dice!

  8. This came out great, Patty! I love how you included the bar graph showing your dice roll stats. This would be such an interesting project for math teachers to share with kids in a statistics unit, where all of the examples seem to be sports-related and non-athletic, artsy kids start staring out the window (says the girl who was staring out the window)! Love your flanged edge treatment, too. That sliver of orange along the edge is brilliant to pull it all together.

  9. Hi Patty, that sounds like a great project - interesting but not too demanding. I tried following last year but only got to day 10 after a few weeks :-( I'm not very good at routine. Congrats on your finish and thanks as always for hosting the OMG.


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