Monday, March 16, 2020

Hand Pieced QAL - Evelyn

Are you excited to start hand piecing?  Let's get started with our very first block - Evelyn!

Evelyn is a nice and easy block to get started with whether you are new to hand piecing or picking back up your needle and thread after a break from last year's QAL.

Still need the pattern for Book Club for the Hand Pieced QAL - grab yours now!  Book Club is a 9 block sampler and two block setting to make either a wall hanging or a throw sized quilt.  Did you miss the QAL announcement?  You can find more information here!  If you have any trouble ordering the pattern, please don't hesitate to email us at - we'll be happy to help!

Tips & Tricks

The units for Evelyn can be cut with a rotary cutter or by tracing templates.   The rotary cutting instructions for the units can be found in the bottom left corner of the pattern sheet.  Please consult the tutorials for Using Templates and for Marking Stitching Lines if you need some tips.

Layout all the units to match the design for the Evelyn block.  (I am using my wonderful wool pressing mat to keep everything organized.)   The first units to sew are to make those two 4-patches -  see the 4-patch tutorial to get you started!  The 4-patch units should measure 5'' x 5'' when you are done - if they don't, check out your seam allowances and make adjustments before you continue on.

Once you've conquered the 4-patch, tackle those complex HST - just add a triangle to each side of the square and then join it to the larger triangle.  Remember to sew through those seam allowances.

Then assemble your 4 units together just like you would a basic 4-patch block.

The link-up for Evelyn (or any blocks you make this week) will open on Thursday, March 19.  If you share on IG, please tag your photo with #bookclubqal and #handpiecedqal.

The Book behind the Block

When we decided to name the sampler blocks in Book Club after favorite characters in books we both love, it wasn't hard to decide to start with a book series that features quilting and a quilt shop as major plot points!  We are talking about the Cobbled Court Quilt series of books by Marie Bostwick.

Evelyn arrives in New Bern, Connecticut determined to pursue her dream of opening a quilt shop.  Newly divorced and a transplant from Texas, Evelyn makes new friends as she gets her business off the ground.  While I likely picked up these books because of the quilting, it was the relationships between Evelyn and the other characters that kept me coming back and reading each book in the series.   

All the books in the series have quilting related terms in the title starting with A Single Thread through Apart at the Seams.

Please stop by Kristin's blog to check out her version of Evelyn!

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Have a wonderful day! Patty

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