Friday, June 29, 2018

Observations while Hand-piecing


I've posted before about my double wedding ring quilt - my very first hand pieced project.  To my surprise, I'm choosing to work on this project instead of sitting at my machine.  It is just that satisfying of a project.

Plus there is some learning!

First, it is painful to rip out hand stitches.  (Not physically painful of course.  Just emotionally.)  I need to actually add a seam ripper to my hand sewing kit.  My first attempt at sewing two blocks together resulted in mis-matched seams because I didn't even think about lining things up.

After ripping apart (ouch) my first attempt, I now have 4 blocks together. (Ignore the binding clip in the top center of the photo - it is marking the top of the block.)

Second, these little applique pins are perfect for pining seams.

Third, while I feel like I can judge a 1/4'' seam, I actually don't trust myself so I am marking seams.  I really love my chalk writer against the gray and use either a pencil or a Frixon pen against the other fabric.  (affiliate links)

I'm started to think about how I am going to quilt this - my goal is a wall hanging, 40'' square.  I really love the idea of making the entire thing by hand but am not at all confident in my ability to quilt by hand.  My only experience so far is my pillow (see that post) and I end up with some arm fatigue so can't do too much at once.

But I get ahead of myself - only 4 blocks together - more sewing to go!

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Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Here’s a thought for the quilting by hand.... Mark the solid fabric before sandwiching - you can then do either machinie or hand (easier to mark when not sandwiched). Then, machine stabilize first around rings and maybe an in the ditch between in 2 or 3 spots across the hoop, then do the hand quilting. If you can stabilize around the hoops first then use a simpler design for hand quilting in the center you will get it done. No one is going to judge it.... Its a nice way to give it some stability and learn.. Also, if you quilt in a matching color you wo’t see the mistakes as well. And, washing it will also help eliminate any trouble you see (the wrinkling helps hide our mistakes). Hope you go for it, it is a great piece to do it on - its small and the pieced hoops don’t need hand quilting - wont really be seen.

  2. Looks like it is coming together nicely. I remember my dear MIL used to hand piece and hand quilt a bed sized quilt in one month. I was and still am so impressed.

  3. I love how this is developing for you. How many more blocks will you need to get up to 40" square for the quilt?

  4. My hats off to you for taking the time to hand piece - not to many do that anymore, and I'm afraid hand quilting is falling away too. Ah, modern times!

  5. Your blocks are really looking nice. Love your fabrics. Congratulations on the hand piecing.

  6. Your block does look gorgeous Patty. xx

  7. It’s a fantabulous and very ambitious project. Not only that, it will be beautiful when completed! I haven’t done a lot of hand piecing, but I found it was less stressful to go ahead and mark my seams first, too. I think this would look great hand quilted with colorful pearl cotton and nice big stitches!

  8. Oooh pretty! Looks like you've mastered the hand stitching process.

  9. Your blocks look wonderful! I love hand stitching. I'm working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden and have pretty much decided to hand quilt it. I've tried the traditional "rocking" quilting method with little success. After consulting with a friend who has been quilting since forever, I've decided to simply use a running stitch - easier on my hands.

    It's absolutely beautiful. Whatever you decided, your project will be stunning!

  10. I love how your quilt is looking. How large is each block? Beautiful!


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