Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The plan for the wedding quilt

It feels like I have been posting about updates on the wedding quilt for awhile yet my pictures of progress don't nearly reflect the amount of time invested.

Exactly how impressive is a plastic bin filled with 320 geese and 320 rectangles with stitch and flip triangles?

See what I mean?  There is certainly promise of things to come!

Each block uses two fabrics (plus background) so the first step was to be a matchmaker.  Most combinations of these fabrics worked just fine but some didn't offer enough contrast.

Then I sewed together each of the 4 units that make up a block and left them chained together.

Five of such blocks are kitted inside a plastic bag and now I have an even more exciting plastic box of plastic bags!

We've got a trip planned later this month which will give me some great time to sew so I'm bringing this along with me with the intent of finishing the blocks and the quilt top.

But I was tried of just looking at a single sample block so I un-kitted one of my kits and had fun.

I am loving this!

Finishing the quilt top - the blocks and deciding how much negative space I want - is my official OMG goal for July.  I'll be linking up with OMG here at Red Letter Quilts. 

I also plan to get the binding on my daughter's quilt - finished the quilt label this past weekend.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. The wedding quilt is coming along so nicely. I like the word quilt more and more each time I see it. It is a real treasure.

  2. An ambitious goal! But oh, what fun! I'm loving it! I wouldn't have been able to resist putting a section together, either. Great motivation to keep going. XO


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