Saturday, January 2, 2016

Disappearing 9 Patch Tutorial

I picked the word Discover for 2016 (you can read about it here.)  (Follow the link or keep reading to learn more about my series Word16 sponsored by two terrific companies.)

One of the surprises I discovered in a recent (almost done) major tidy up session of my quilting space was a bunch of 5'' squares which I had cut down from a set of fat quarters with the intention of making a baby quilt.

With the intent to donate the finished quilt, I wanted a pattern that would look good and also go together quickly.  I also discovered some perfect backing fabric so I'm motivated to get this done!

One block I've used before for table runners is a disappearing 9 patch!

This works with any size square.  This disappearing 9 patch tutorial starts with squares that are 5''.

Let's get started.

Make a 9 patch.  It doesn't matter that you had two of the same square as long as they aren't touching.

Press and the cut it half from top to bottom and then from side to side.

disappearing 9 patch tutorial

Starting with the 5'' block means each of these is now 7'' and will finish 6 1/2'' in your final quilt.

You've got a variety of options.  you could just spin these around and resew them together.

disappearing 9 patch tutorial

Or you could go make more 9 patches and then randomly sew them together like this.

This block of four now forms a block that is 13 1/2 x 13 1/2''.

Sew four blocks of four together and it looks like this!  See how you've completely lost that this was every a 9 patch?  That is the disappearing part!  (smile)

disappearing 9 patch tutorial

A good size for a baby play quilt is something that is at least 40 '' square so I'm off to the machine to keep sewing some more!

A charm pack would be excellent to use for a disappearing 9 patch.  You'd get lots of variety and 36 charms would yield you a quilt that is 39'' square!

I hope you found this tip on Disappearing 9 patch helpful.  I'll be linking up here at Sew Simple Saturdays.  I love the idea of sharing quilting tips each month.  Here are the list of tips I shared previously:

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  1. I love D9P blocks - I've made 6 or 8 toddler quilts with that block - I usually use either 2 or 3 co-ordinating prints, depending on what I have in stash :D One thing to remember is to be careful how you orient your prints if they're directional - ask me how I learned that one, LOL!

  2. Such a great way to make a quick quilt that looks complicated!

  3. I always have loved the disappearing nine patch. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. You know I have never made a Disappearing 9 Patch. I have a bunch of 5" charms that are stacking up. Thanks for a great tutorial. I have yet to choose my word for 2016 but I will try to get that done and link up ! Happy New Year! xo

  5. I get excited about the D9P blocks...they are so much fun to play with!

  6. This is one of my favorite go to blocks for a nice looking finish.


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