Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter begins!

Winter begins tonight (11:48 pm US EST).  No snow here (yet) in NC so I made my own.

Remember snowflakes made of paper - exact same idea.  Before I cut fabric, I practiced with paper first.  Hadn't made one of these for awhile and my skills were rusty!

Want to make your own fabric snowflake?

Prepare a white piece of fabric with iron on light fusbile adhesive.  I started with a 8" square.

Fold in half.

And in half again.

Fold into thirds.  (This takes a little bit of fiddling to get things to line up.  I used a Clover Wonder Clip to keep things secure.)

Cut off extra.

Create your snowflake.  I used my favorite paper one as a rough template.

Unfold the magic.

Behold - snow!  Since I was cutting through so many layers, it was hard to get a smooth cut while everything was folded together. Once the rough cuts were there, it was very easy to partially unfold and trim things more neatly.

Iron onto backing fabric.  All those folds you created disappear easily under the heat of the iron.

Quilt. I made mine into a hot pad by using a layer of Insul-Bright batting along with a layer of batting.  (The shinny metal layer is faces up when you make that quilts sandwich.)

Fun and fast to make.  We typically get a little bit of snow here in central NC at some point during the winter.  Until then, my snowflake hot pad will have to do!

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I will be linking this tutorial up at Quilt Shop Gals' Night Before Christmas party.

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. Last year, some little friends of ours made a dozen of these paper snowflakes for us. We put them up on our front window and enjoyed the snow even though we live in the deep south.

  2. We have no snow here either, which is very unusual. I like it! I'll be happy if we get a green Christmas - I'm not fond of that heavy wet cold white stuff because we tend to get a LOT of it :D I do like snow decorations though - they're fun inside, as long as the real stuff stays OUTside, lol!

  3. Great tutorial! Merry Christmas!!

  4. What a great mash-up: sewing and origami, two of my favorite things! Very clever idea and oh so pretty!

  5. Super fun and fast project that also looks #KidFriendly. Total #CreativeGoodness. Thank you for sharing in our #NightsBeforeChristmas party.


  6. What a great idea! Reading all the comments I think these would be a great item for the grandkids to make for their parents, Aunts, Grandparents. They all like to cut out snowflakes! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  7. Love the idea but how do you sew it?


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