Thursday, June 23, 2016

Correction for the letter i block

Two important things for the repeat QAL.

First, I know some people are having problems with their printer getting the pdf pattern to print to the proper scale.  As long as the blocks are a CONSISTENT HEIGHT, don't worry about it.  The finishing instructions will help you adapt.   Your finished quilt might be slightly smaller but still gorgeous!  However, it would be helpful to me to know how much variance there actual is out there. Can you take this quick survey - just answer as many or as few of the letter measurements as you want!

Second, the letter i.  Sigh.

Late Wednesday, someone brought to my attention that the letter i block was incomplete - it was missing it's bottom background piece!  (How embarrassing for me and the poor letter i!)

In the process of creating the pdf, I pulled in the wrong block.  So sorry for my error!

It has been corrected and everyone who received the incorrect letter i block received an email from me with the updated block attached.  (The new i block is constructed slightly differently as well - a bit easier to assemble.)

The new file name is called Elm Street Quilts repeat QAL - letter a i u UPDATED.  If you haven't made your letter i block yet, you can just download a new copy.

And if you did make it already, I'd recommend making it again.  It is a quick block.  But if you'd prefer to fix what you got, keep reading!

Sometimes in the printing of pdf patterns, they loose their calibration a bit and what started out as an inch, is slightly less than an inch.   Just in case this happened to you, we are going to work this correction off an actual finished block that you have.

Measure distance between the background piece at the top and at the bottom of the letter u block.

Add 1/4 '' to that measurement and measure down from the top of the main part of the letter i block.  (Don't include the 'dot' part of the i.)

On your letter i block, mark a line that measurement down from the top.

Lay a piece of background fabric rough cut (to be trimmed later) at 2 1/2 '' square ; right sides together where the edge of the fabric is against the line you just drew.  

 Stitch your quarter inch seam.

Flip and press.  Compare to the letter u block - see those 'vvvvvvvv' in the photo below.  If all is good, then go ahead and cut aware the excess letter i fabric and trim.   (If not, recheck your measurements and repeat.)

Now that your center bits are lined up and fixed, you may need to trim a smidgen off the top.  My correction was less than 1/4''.

Whew!  All done!

Thanks much!  See you back here on Monday for the letter p and q!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

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  1. I have found that your notes telling us what size the letters should come out have been really helpful. I was able to adjust the printout in accordance.


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