Monday, July 19, 2021

Summer Slow Stitch July Update

I really enjoyed the challenge of hand piecing this quilt - my summer stitching project that started last summer.   I finished the quilt top and it measures roughly 55" x 55".  (See previous posts here here and here for more information.)

My plan is to add some hand quilting into the solid squares and walking foot quilt the low background fabric.  In my excitement to get to the quilting, I made this project priority #1, got it basted and did some (all?) of the walking foot quilting!

I am not a fan of pieced backs but went ahead and pieced one using some large scraps.  It looks way better than I expected - and you can get a good view of the walking foot quilting.  Isn't it fun?

Next step - more quiltling!

Have a wonderful day! Patty


  1. The pieced backing looks great and I do love how solids can show off the quilting. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with this one!

  2. The pieced back does show off the quilting! It really is one gorgeous quilt that is coming together.


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