Monday, October 16, 2017

Bag It - Project Basket Tutorial

The Project Basket is fun and quick to assemble and gives you the chance to showcase some favorite fabric and get yourself organized at the same time!

You can make your Project Basket any size you want - just adjust the tutorial to fit your needs.


# pieces
(height x width)
  Primary fabric
16 x 12’’
Lining fabric
16 x 12’’
Fusible fleece or Soft and Stable
16 x 12 ‘’

Fabric Preparation

Following manufacturer's directions, iron 2 layers of fusible fleece to the wrong side of primary fabric which will be the outside of your basket.

Mark a line 3 ¼ '' from each side on both the primary fabric and the lining fabric.  (This is the height you want your basket to be.)

On both the lining piece and the main piece, sew on the marked lines.

Trim away a square at each corner by cutting roughly ¼ '' from each cut line.


On the main piece, fold up each corner, aligning the sewn line.  Sew all four side seams, right side together.  Turn basket so that it is right side out.

Repeat for the lining piece.  

Turn lining piece so that it is wrong side out.

Nest main piece inside lining piece, right sides together.   Clip together along the top edge using binding clips.

Sew around top, leaving about a gap of 3'' for turning.   

Turn bag inside out through the gap.  Take your time with this step to make sure you don't tear any stitches.  Once turned, the open edge can be closed by hand or closed in the final top stitching step.

Use binding clips to secure and top stitch all the way around.   


If using directional fabric, cut two pieces, each at 16 x 6 ½ '', and seam them together.  Press seam open.

Easily change the dimensions of your basket.  Find a basket or box that best matches the size you want to recreate in fabric and measure the length, width and height.

  • The width of your new fabric piece will be:  height + width + height + ½''.   
  • The length of your new fabric piece will be: height + length + height  + ½''.
  • Your lines will be marked at height + ¼''

What will you store inside your FQ basket?

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Bag It - Go Team!

The holiday gift giving season is fast approaching.  Got a college student on your list?  Make them a bag in fabric themed for their school or in their school colors.

I just finished up this zip pouch (tutorial) yesterday.   It goes well with the Purse Pack I made earlier this year.

Go Tar Heels!

Have you been making bags?  Over 80 bags  have been shared so far in the link-up (below) or on the Elm Street Quilts Group Facebook page.

Next new Bag It tutorial will be available on Monday - Dress up your sewing space with a FQ Basket.

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You can share the photo of your bag multiple times but ONLY enter it once either in the link-up OR in the Bag It Facebook Entry Form.   

You will know when your entry is 'official' because I will come visit and leave a comment thanking you for entering.  (I batch up my bag visits so it may be several days until I stop by!)

New to the event and want to join?  Read more here and check out the participant guidelines for everything you need to know!

Ready to link-up?  And not to worry, the event runs through December 15 so there is plenty of time to make bags!

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

QAL addiction continues

I saw a post by Yvonne (here) recently about motivation.  For me, motivation in my sewing comes from having multiple projects in flight - so there is always something that appeals - plus participation in QALs - where someone is telling you what to do! 

Here are the blocks from September and October of Cheryl's Magnolia Mystery.

I'm downsizing the blocks by using the instructions for the lap size quilt but making the blocks smaller.  For the October units - which Cheryl calls partial geese - my units measure 1 1/2'' x 2 1/2''.  When working with pieces this small, I just put together a paper piece pattern.  It just makes it so much easier to get things accurate. 

Not sure how true to color my picture is so here are swatches which are being paired with a white background fabric.  These are Paintbrush Studios solids.

For Mellissa's Roundabout.  I'm making a 2 x 2 quilt and have my geese all done and linked up.  Next step will be out this week.  (The fabric line was designed by Amy Ellis for Moda.)

Cutting instructions for Yvonne's Wayward Transparency quilt will be out shortly.  My current fabric choice are these three solids from American Made Brand although I've still time to change my mind.  I'm planning to make the darkest color my primary color.

Are you sewing along?

Have a wonderful day! Patty

Monday, October 9, 2017

Bag It Featured Designer - Fat Quarter Gypsy

Have you seen these cut pop-up bag kits in your favorite quilt store?

I was quite excited to give them a try and am thrilled to introduce you to today's featured designer, Joanne Hillestad.

Joanne, owner of The Fat Quarter Gypsy Designs, started her sewing journey at the age of 5. Hooked instantly, the love of playing with fabric only grew over the decades. 

After 20 years as a database analyst in Corporate America, Joanne decided to follow her dreams and pursue a career around her love of all things fabric. While designing quilts, one chilly Minnesota day inspiration hit! Combining Joanne’s fabric and her husband Mike’s wire forming ability the Fat Quarter Pop-Up was born! This handy, collapsible container became an instant hit leading to a fun line of Dress Up Your Pop Up patterns. 

Visit for more information.

I made two of these pop-ups.  First up is Fat Quarter Pop-up which is the smaller size.  I used a solid red fabric for this one and dressed it up with measuring tape ribbon.   Construction was easy and Joanne's directions are filled with illustrations and photographs are easy to follow.  

The tips for inserting the spring form were perfect.  I used the enclosed elastic for this pop-up so it is ready to be folded up and taken with me to quilt class.

My second pop-up is the medium sized one.  For this one, I sewed together all these scraps to make a piece of fabric big enough for the pattern directions.  The medium one sits next to my cutting table and has become the home for my small cutting scraps.  I made ties for this one instead of using elastic.

I thank Fat Quarter Gypsy for the kits I used to make my pop-ups.

Want to make some yourself?  They would make great gifts for really anyone on your list.  Make a pet themed one for someone special.  Or make one with to celebrate a favorite sports team!

You can find these at local quilt stores and at Fat Quarter Gypsy.  Fat Quarter Shop also carries these.

Fat Quarter Gypsy has provided a prize package for one lucky randomly chosen Bag It participant. The pattern package includes the supplies you need to make your own Pop-ups plus her latest pattern called the Wingman!

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Freedom - My Cobblestone Quilt

Welcome to my stop on the new Fat Quarter Shop Cobblestone QAL

I had a great time using this beautiful FQ bundle of Moda Sweetwater Freedom for my quilt supplied to me by Fat Quarter Shop.

I wanted to make the quilt sized for a baby quilt so I downsized the pattern by adjusting the size of the blocks.  This is very easy to do and worked very well with this pattern.

To downsize, start with the finished dimensions of the block and cut those in half.   For example, if the pattern tells you to cut a rectangle 5 1/2 '' by 10 1/2 '', this means your finished dimensions (minus the seams) would be 5 x 10''.  Cut this in half to be 2 1/2 x 5'' and then re-add back in the seam allowance and cut your block to be 3 x 5 1/2 ''.
Make sense?

I personalized my quilt with the work 'freedom'  - how fun it would be to personalize with the name of the new baby.  The word was paper pieced using my Chunky Alphabet pattern.

I also choose to face my quilt instead of binding it.  I just LOVE the way it looks.  (See my prior post on facing which includes links to the tutorials I used.)

To quilt, I did fun star design that included a few loops along the way.

My finished quilt measures roughly 30 by 40''.

For more information on the Cobblestone quilt pattern and to see what other bloggers have made, visit Fat Quarter Shop's blog The Jolly Jabber.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  Make sure you check out the Bag It 2017 kick-off post - the excitement begins.  Come join the fun!

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Bag It - Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Welcome to our first new tutorial for Bag It 2017!

The theme for the featured bags in October is Sew!  To kick everything off is a tutorial for a cover for your sewing machine.  You'll need to measure your machine in all three dimensions and then add at least 1'' to make sure you've got enough fabric for the seam allowance as well as making sure it doesn't fit too snugly.

Now let's get started!


Measure your specific sewing machine to determine your needs.  You’ll need the following measurements:
  • WIDTH = Width across machine plus at least an inch for seam allowance
  • HEIGHT = Height of machine plus at least an inch for seam allowance
  • DEPTH =  Depth of machine plus at least an inch for seam allowance

With the specific measurements for your machine, cut the following pieces slightly larger to allow some extra fabric for quilting.  Once quilted trim to these measurements:

# pieces
(height x width)
  Primary fabric  for Back (B) and Front (F)
Primary fabric for Sides (S1 & S2)

Primary fabric for top (T)
Lining fabric
Cut identical to primary fabric
Cut identical to primary fabric

Fabric prep

For the front, back, side 1, side 2 and top unit, layer primary fabric with batting and lining fabric. Quilt fabric with straight lines or as desired.

Trim quilted pieces to dimensions measured for machine making sure to add enough for seam allowances.  (See table above.)


Sew each side panel to the front panel, right sides together.  Mark top of seam with a pin ¼’’ from edge and sew to that point.  Back-stitch at both ends of the seam.

Tip - take the time to 'try on' your cover on your machine after each step.  If you need to adjust, now is the time to do so!

Sew the top panel to the front panel, right sides together.  Start and end the seam ¼’’ from each edge.

Repeat to sew the back panel to each of the side panels (labeled below as 1) and then to the top panel (labeled below as 2).

Sew the seam between the side panel and the top panel.  Repeat for other side. (labeled above as 3).


With zig zag stitch, put overcast stitch over each of the edges to finish.  (For a more finished edge, cover with binding or bias tape.)

Attach binding to bottom edge along right side.  Flip binding over and secure with binding clips or pins.  Sew binding down by hand or by machine.

I choose to assemble my sewing machine cover using fabric squares and a stitching pattern from Swirly Girls Design.  The pattern can be found here.

This cover is for my portable machine (which I love) and I have it sitting next to my bigger machine.  It looks so good sitting there in its new cover up!

Note - also pictured Sew Together Bag and Fat Quarter Pop-up

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Skill Builder QAL - Lazy Angle Blocks and a Quilt Finish

Aren't these fun?  These blocks are the last set of blocks in  Fat Quarter Shop's Bella Skill Builder QAL.   The are called the Lazy Angle Blocks.

I decided to paper piece these instead of using a specialty ruler and I love the way they turned out.  I am loving the contrast between the gray and the blue.  These blocks will finish at 10''.

For the second set, which finish at 8'', I decided to simplify the block a bit.   (I was too lazy to make the actual lazy angle block.)  While I like the two shades of blue together, I really like the block above with the true 'lazy angle' better.

And now, for the big quilt reveal!

I decided to use most but not all of the blocks for my quilt.  Some of the blocks didn't turn out as well as I hoped (skinny orange peels) and then I wanted a slightly smaller quilt.

The new layout also gave me a chance to use one of the larger blocks on the back of the quilt.

I had an amazing time with the quilting and focused on doing something different in each block.  I am in love with all the quilting texture on the back of the quilt.

This could be one of those quilts where the back could be my favorite part!

You can find the pattern and a video tutorial for this month's Lazy Angle blocks here.  It was great fun to participate in Fat Quarter Shops skill builder QAL this year.

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